Apr. 19, 2022 – 3:23 PM – Notice to the Public and Profession, effective April 19, 2022.

Please see the attached notice.

This Notice to the Public and Profession applies to proceedings in the Superior Court of
Justice, Central South Region, effective April 19, 2022.
The purpose of this notice is to address the presumptive modes of proceeding in the three
areas of responsibility of the court in the Central South region. It includes clarification of the
implementation dates and the process to seek a change from the presumptive mode of
proceeding. It addresses the process of filing of documents and the events for which
CaseLines is to be used. It also is intended to set out the expectations related to limits on
filing of material for various events and the process of scheduling events. This notice also
addresses bankruptcy proceedings in the Central South region.
This Notice supersedes all previous COVID-19 region-specific Notices to the Profession for
the Central South Region issued prior to this date, which are hereby revoked.
Counsel and parties are also advised to refer to the relevant Parts of the Consolidated
Provincial Practice Direction , the Consolidated Practice Direction for Divisional Court
Proceedings as well and the Consolidated Notice to the Profession, Parties, Public and the
Media which are available on the Superior Court of Justice website www.ontariocourts.ca/scj
The Central South Region includes the following Courthouses:
Hamilton – John Sopinka Courthouse – 45 Main St. East
Hamilton Family Court – 55 Main St. West
Waterloo Region Courthouse – 85 Frederick St. Kitchener
St. Catharines – Robert S.K. Welch Courthouse – 59 Church St.
Welland Courthouse – 102 East Main St.
Brantford Superior Court – 70 Wellington St.
Cayuga Courthouse – 55 Munsee St. North
Simcoe Courthouse – 50 Frederick Hobson VC Drive