Our Reference #: AC-2018-273 – Expansion of the civil claims online filing service on May 28, 2018

Our Reference #: AC-2018-273

May 28, 2018

Dear Member of the Legal Community,

Expansion of the civil claims online filing service on May 28, 2018

I am writing to inform you that the civil claims online filing service has been expanded to enable the online filing of additional documents in a civil proceeding in the Superior Court of Justice. This expansion follows the successful province-wide launch of the service in November 2017.

As of May 28, 2018, it will be possible to file the following documents online through the civil claims online portal (http://ontario.ca/civilclaims):

  • Statement of Defence (Form 18A)
  • Notice of Intent to Defend (Form 18B)
  • Statement of Claim filed following the issuance of a Notice of Action (Form 14D)
  • Proof of Service of documents that are filed online
  • Orders and Consents that are required in support of the filing of a document online

The online filing of these documents with the Superior Court of Justice has been authorized by subrule 4.05.1(2) of the Rules of Civil Procedure. The rules also clarify that it will not be necessary to provide the court with a paper copy of a document that was filed online unless the matter is proceeding to a hearing or conference and the party intends to rely on the document at the hearing (rule 4.05.1(6), in force May 28, 2018).

The civil claims online filing service will continue to:

  • allow the online filing of initiating documents:
    • Statement of Claim (Form 14A, 14B)
    • Notice of Action (Form 14C)
    • Affidavit of Litigation Guardian of a Plaintiff under a Disability
    • Request for Bilingual Proceedings
    • Consent to File Documents in French
  • email  court-issued Statements of Claim or Notices of Action;
  • allow online payment of court fees by credit card or Interac;
  • allow a user to track online filing fee payments, submissions and draft submissions; and
  • save work in progress and return to drafts in order to submit the request for filing at a later time.

If you are interested in arranging an online information session for your members about the expanded civil claims online filing service, please send an email to civilclaimsonline@ontario.ca.

Please share any comments about the service with Vaia Pappas, Director of the Operational Support Branch at vaia.pappas@ontario.ca.


Sheila Bristo

Assistant Deputy Attorney General

Court Services Division

AC-2018-273 letter to legal community



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If you have any questions, feel free to call the court.


Thank you.

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