Standardized Real Estate Documents

Please see below the the Standardized Real Estate documents as approved by all the law associations at the Federation of Ontario Law Association.





Real Estate – Standard Closing Documents Resolution May 2017


Niagara Indigenous Peoples’ Court (NIPC) Schedule

Niagara Indigenous Peoples’ Court (NIPC):


NIPC Bail court:

Bail Court commencing November 21st, 2016

Monday & Thursday afternoons in courtroom 2, 2nd floor, commencing at 1:15 p.m.

(per HW Moses)



Duty Court commencing November 24th, 2016

One Thursday per month:  9:30 a.m. start:


2016 NPIC Days:

November 24, courtroom 8, 4th floor

December 22, courtroom 8, 4th floor


2017 NIPC Days: – hoping to always be in courtroom 8

January 12, courtroom 8, 4th floor

February 2, courtroom 8, 4th floor

March 2, courtroom 8, 4th floor

April 6, courtroom 1, 2nd floor

May 11, courtroom 1, 2nd floor

June 15, courtroom 8, 4th floor