FOLA’s Monthly Sector Meeting Update

Please find attached, FOLA’s Monthly Sector Meeting Update.  You can also find it online here.

There are three things I’d like to bring your attention to:

  1. We have a NEW Member Reward Partner!  DESTINATION CPD: Destination CPD is a legal conference and travel company in one.  They plan informative legal educational programs with Canadian content, and networking and social events – in exotic locations.  Their next conference/trip is to Las Vegas and Law Association members get 10% off!  Learn more & register here.  Our code is FOLA.
  2. Family Lawyers:  The Courts have offered to meet with a small group of Law Association members who would like to discuss the new procedures related to in-person/virtual matters related to Family Law.  If you are interested (or a member of your Association is interested), please let me know by emailing me at and indicating the following:  Your name, your Law Association, the top three issues/concerns you have with regards to in-person vs. virtual matters in the Courts moving forward.
  3. Open Calls for Comments:  There are currently three calls for comments that FOLA may be commenting on:  Regulations to address condo cancellations; the More Homes for Everyone Act, 2022, and the federal government’s Bill C-5 (amending the Criminal Code and the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act).  If you or your members would like to share your comments with FOLA for consideration as we draft our Submissions, you can send them to me at  Info about all three can be found here.

And one more thing:  To help reduce the number of emails in your inbox, FOLA will now ONLY be emailing Court Updates on Wednesdays as opposed to as soon as they are received.  These new weekly Court Updates will contain all Notices from the Courts over the past week.  If there have been no Court Notices over the past week, you will not get an email.  Our regular Monthly Sector meetings are still continuing on the 2nd Wednesday of each month so on those weeks, you’ll get the larger Update.

Please share with your members.

Katie W. Robinette

Executive Director


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