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New Books in the Library

Advance Your Legal Career: Essential Skills for Success
Fromm, 2014

Leading the Way: Canadian Women in the Law
Soloway, 2015

Tough Crimes: True Cases by Top Canadian Criminal Lawyers
Evans, 2014

Canadian State Trials IV
Wright, 2015

Legal Research and Writing
Tjaden, 4th Ed. 2016

New Books in the Library

Ethics and Criminal Law
Layton, 2nd ed., 2015

Law, Life, and Government at Red River, Volume I
Gibson, 2015

Family Law: Practice and Procedure
Kurtz, 4th ed., 2015

Point Made
Guberman, 2nd ed., 2011

Introduction to Law in Canada
Olivo, 2014

New Books in the Library

Cloud Computing Law
Millard, 2013

Residential Tenancies in Ontario
Fleming, 3rd Ed., 2015

The Law of Trusts
Gillese, 3rd Ed., 2014

Trusts in Common-Law Canada
Paulich, 2014

A Guide to Canadian Money Laundering Legislation
Hall, 4th Ed., 2015

New Books in the Library

The How-To-Win Trial Manual
Fine, 2015

The How-To-Win Appeal Manual
Fine, 2015

Arbitration Law of Canada: Practice and Procedure
Casey, 2nd Ed., 2011

In Search of the Ethical Lawyer
Dodek, 2016

Judicial Deference to Administrative Tribunals in Canada
Robertson, 2014

Accident Benefits Guide
McLeish, 2015

New Books in the Library

Proving Your Cases: Evidence for Litigators
Ontario Bar Association, 2015

Real Property Step-by-Step Guide: A Practical Guide to Commercial Leases
Ontario Bar Association, 2015

Working with Experts: Practical Skills
Ontario Bar Association, 2015

Settlement Essentials
Ontario Bar Association, 2015

Privacy Class Actions in Canada
Ontario Bar Association, 2015

New Books in the Library

10th Annual Family Law Summit
Law Society of Upper Canada, 2016

The Duty to Accomodate in the Workplace
Law Society of Upper Canada, 2016

Administrative Law Practice Basics
Law Society of Upper Canada, 2016

Bringing Proportionality to Family Law Disputes Under the Amended Rules
Law Society of Upper Canada, 2016

The Annotated Residential Agreement of Purchase and Sale 2016
Law Society of Upper Canada, 2016

New Books in the Library

Understanding Charter Damages: The Evolution of a Charter Remedy
W.H. Charles, 2016

CPP Disability Pension Guide: CPP Benefits, Practice and Procedures, 2nd Edition
Lloy, Douglas J., 2016

Bruce MacDougall, 2016

Cross-Examination: The Art of the Advocate, 4th Edition
Salhany, The Honourable Roger E., 2016

The Law of Adjournments: A Manual on Postponement
Wilson, Jeffrey, 2016

New Books in the Library

Refugee Law, 2nd Edition
Baglay, Sasha, 2017

Detention and Arrest, 2nd Edition
Coughlan, Steve, 2017

Practitioner’s Guide to Commercial Arbitration
Huberman, Marvin J., 2017

Mental Disorder and the Law, 2nd Edition
Bloom, Hy, 2017

Land-Use Planning
Epstein, Howard, 2017

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